About this website

Welcome to the website for the Sale of the Piano and Keyboard Collection of Kalman Detrich.

Here is a documentation of Kalman Detrich's collection of keyboard instruments, piano rebuilding and technician's tools, action models, spare parts, etc.

All of the items here are for sale. Prices are not listed but can be obtained by email inquiry.

We are looking for good homes for all the instruments and the entire collection of spare parts, tools, action models, etc.

Due to the antique nature of this instrument collection, many are archival or collector items that should appropriately go to museums and collectors, or to technicians for rebuilding and resale. There are a few modern instruments that are suitable for the home too.

For those who knew Kalman and his life with pianos and music, no introduction is necessary. For all others, you can read more about him by visiting the obituary page we have linked here, and we have included a couple of NY Times articles to read as well. Please feel welcome to leave a personal statement at the obituary page.

We are adding new items as they are catalogued - if you would like to keep informed about new items added to the catalog, please sign for our email list and we will keep you up-to-date. You can also Like our Facebook Page if you are on Facebook.

If you have a serious inquiry about purchasing any of the collection, please contact us.

Thank you for your visit. We look forward to hearing from you.

~ Jeff Holck, Administrator